Lamela - overview

Reusing materials at its best

The conception of the Lamela started with the material it is made of: used 4mm MDF.  This material, considered industrial waste, was used as a bottom layer for a 3-axis cnc milling machine that cuts different types of sheet material. Because the production company throws out this material every other week we can rely on a constant supply.



Originality comes with a unique pattern

Every Lamela lamp has it's own unique pattern. None are the same. The material has a structure on one side that is the result of multiple milling operations during production. Adding light to the unique pattern gives the material so much more value, it was meant to match. Painted on the inside in white with a waterbased paint with a 'Der Blaue Engel' label.



A beautiful light needs a beautiful cable.

Our 100% cotton finished wires are soft, subtile and they give a sort of natural look to the whole. The switch and plug on the cable are black plastic, the ceiling cap is white plastic. All fittings are galvanized metal combined with a porcelain interior.



Things come together

Every Lamela lamp comes flat packed, but is very easy to assemble, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes.




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